Wood is not just for making furniture, papers, books, racks, and other products. The leftover wooden material is used to manufacture packaging. You might have seen paperboards, clipboards, and other items made of wood. Well, today, we all get to know about clipboards, their manufacturing process, and their uses.

How can you Use Clipboards?

The clipboard is available for many uses. You can utilize this product for multi-purposes. When it comes to the uses of clipboards, it depends on their density. Think clipboards are suitable for displaying products. You can exhibit your items on shelves made of clipboards. Also, there is another use of clipboard is scrapbooks. You can show your creativity and create scrapbooks from it. Also, you can buy these books from the market as well. Another thing you will see made of the thin clipboard is furniture. Even you may find minor aesthetic decorations and crookeries made of the clipboard. Moreover, you can buy and avail the facility of packaging cartons. However, it is better to use the thick density of clipboards for packaging.

When it comes to the furniture, definitely you need a thick density of clipboards. When it is in heavy volume, the furniture you get is sturdy and strong. Many people use clipboards for the manufacturing and construction of flooring. They present a sleek and decent look. Also, you can use clipboards for surfacing and making different frames.

Manufacturing of Clipboards

Clipboard has made of simple materials. Also, it is a cost-effective product. Because it uses raw wood chips and sawdust in the manufacturing process. Thus, the waste of wood is useful in many ways. If you want to construct a new product, you can utilize the leftover wood. Apart from this, clipboards are made of plastic and fresh wood. 

After the collection of raw materials, manufacturers chip and shred the wood. Once it is shredded, it needs a few days to get dried. With a moisturizer, the dried shredded particles get mixed. Finally, the mixture needs an appropriate division. Labors separate the smaller and larger wood particles. After this procedure, the wood chips require a layering process to get stuck together. The smaller chips create a thick layer around the larger chips. With the help of a machine, both layers need fixing and get attached. To give it a final look, it will require a hot wood press. Well, the pressure of the press depends on the density of the clipboard. For the final touch, laborers use sanding and decorative ornaments. Then, it is ready to use.

Difference between Clipboards and Corrugated Boxes

When it comes to the packing of heavy and fragile products, there is a famous item, corrugated boxes. This is one of the strong packaging material. Well, people get confused between corrugated and clipboard packages. 

The clipboard is a well-built and strong material having a single layer of wood. Its density depends on the thickness of the wood. It is a decorative and well-fashioned product. You can add colors and other beautification elements to the final look of the clipboard. Well, corrugated boxes have more than one layer. Also, it doesn’t need to use wood. For the manufacturing of corrugated boxes, you will need cards and sheets. Also, there will be a lot of layers required. Moreover, all these layers are thin. The only clipboard uses thick layers of wood.

Both items are appropriate for the packaging of products. Both are safe for heavy objects. Well, the clipboards can carry a huge weight. No doubt, corrugated boxes are also safe. Moreover, corrugated boxes are less costly than clipboards.