The industry of Cannabis has gained popularity in the past few years, mostly because it has been legalized in very many states in the U.S. as well as most parts of Canada. For this reason, therefore, it has become common in use, both for recreational purposes and medically as well. However, despite being legalized, the products of cannabis are subjected to quite a number of restrictions; in comparison with other products. These restrictions have a very big impact on how the product is packaged. For this reason, manufacturers are not able to freely advertise their products using the designs and branding they would wish to use in a bid to attract more customers.

Regulations for Packaging Cannabis Products

The need for ensuring that cannabis products are packaged to a high standard quality, is a law requirement; apart from it being done in a bid to win the satisfaction of the clients. For this reason, most governments often put in place some measures in order to ensure that the safety and general health of the population is taken good care of.

The Canadian government for example,has put some regulations that focus on making sure that the cannabis products are not contaminated; whereas other guidelines are there to ensure that the package accessibility and outward appearance is up to standards.

Some of these regulations that have been imposed by the Canadian Government are highlighted below:

  • Should not have in any way show the interior contents by having any clear windows.
  • Must not portray the use of cannabis as glamorous, through either visual or emotional branding.
  • Should not have a weight of 30g or any other equivalent of dried cannabis.
  • Should not have any display of either an animal, character or even a person, be it fictional or real.
  • The appearance must be as plain as can be.

Requirements for Labelling Cannabis Products

Besides the packaging regulations discussed above, there are also some restrictions as to how the products of cannabis should be labelled. They are discussed below:

  • The labelling should be done either in French or English.
  • Must have an expiry date that is very visible, for both the extracts of cannabis and died cannabis.
  • The label must be printed on the package.
  • The label has to provide clear guidance for storage.
  • Must have warnings for safety of children and health.
  • Must have the standardized symbol for cannabis.

Why regulations are important for the Quality of Cannabis Products

If the products of Cannabis are not labelled correctly, then that may work to indicate that they are manufactured in an improper manner. Poor labelling may also indicate that the regulations for trading are being broken. 

For this reason, in the event that cannabis customers realize that their products are not being manufactured professionally, they may stop the consumption of the product. They may then resort to a different alternative.

What it takes to have amazing packaging for Cannabis

It may be hard to get the right kind of package for the products of cannabis, especially because of all the regulations that come with it. You can however get to package your products in a safe manner by working with the right kind of suppliers.

Cannabis does not necessarily need a package that is distinguishable or a perfect branding, in order for the products to sell efficiently. Instead, the freshness of the product can be achieved by using a package that is able to consider all the required regulations.